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The Climb

A giant playground for adults! I felt the child inside of me jump for joy and excitement as I saw all the different colors and high walls for me climb. I was ready to start climbing right away! I was always an athlete, I felt I could do any one of these colorful paths. I was successful, the first two climbs. And well.. that was because I chose the easier paths. Then I decided to challenge myself and go up a level. I started off strong, I felt like a natural at climbing. Then I reached a point when my arms were getting tight, I could not reach the next rock, and I could not see the next step I could take. I was stuck. At that moment I felt I had nowhere to go except to fall on the floor and that’s what I did. I felt I failed.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck? That you were trying all these different things and still not getting anywhere. Then all the sudden you were back where you started. I see rock climbing as a way we are going through life. We choose a path, as we are going up, there may be more challenging parts of the climb than others.

The next time I went back, I brought my friend with me. I let her know which paths I was able to do and that one I could not finish. The first thing she said was, “well let’s try again!” So I went back at it. As I made the climb, I got stuck at the exact same part of the climb as I did last time. So there I was again, defeated. I felt so much despair and I felt I could not make it past that point. As soon as I was back on the floor my friend let me know there was a rock I couldn’t see where I had a foot hanging loose. From there, we strategized what to do after that point because from the looks of it, if I was struggling at that point, the rest of the way wasn’t going to get easier. After much discussion, I tried again. I found that rock I couldn’t before to place my foot. That gave me more support the rest of the way that I made it to the top! Although this path was much harder than any of the other ones I tried previously, the triumphant feeling of reaching the top was far greater.

We may fall, but we learn what we could try next time to get farther along the path. When we fall and go back up the next time, we are able to climb up the path we have already taken a bit faster because we already know what to do. We know what works and what does not work.

Have you ever felt like you were making progress in your health and fitness journey then fell back where you first started or even further?

When you’re starting again from the bottom, it is a chance to take a step back and find a different perspective. Start with visualizing how you are going to get there. Not just looking at the top and saying that is where I want to be. There is a process. There are obstacles and hurdles that you know you need to face and have a strategy to overcome them when you get to that point. That is my goal as a trainer. I am the one to help you get started again because I am sure this is not the first time you ever tried to get on a fitness routine.

I am the trainer that is going to point out the parts of the climb that are going to be difficult and tell you a better way to position yourself. As you’re climbing and as it gets more difficult, you may feel like you are stuck. I will be the one cheering you on, telling you the next step you need to take and showing you how far you have come to bring back the belief in yourself. As perfect as we want to be, we fall short sometimes, but I will be your partner that holds you up with the rope, so should you slip, you do not fall as far back as you did before on your own.

Sometimes we have been trying to do things on our own for too long. It may be the time to get an outside perspective on how you’re doing fitness. Meet with me to discuss different strategies to optimize your overall health. Let me be that person to say let’s try again and put you on the path of success.

Once you fill out the client application form a link will come up to book your session.

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