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After 4 separate bodybuilding shows. You see, I have a bit of an "ALL IN" personality. Once I make a decision to do something I'm going to give it my 100%. And if it's competition, I'm going to win!

So when it was time to train for bodybuilding I was going to do WHATEVER IT TOOK.

I trained 7 days a week.

5:00 am: swimming laps for 1 hour

6:15 am: Stationary Bike for 1 hour

12:00 pm: 2 hour weight training session

Along with all that physical activity, I still had to work, eat 6 times a day and try and be a husband and father. Admittedly, I didn't do a good job of either of the last two things.

As the show came closer, and I felt bloated and constipated I started using diuretics to flush my system (DAILY).

On top of that, after 6 or 7 weeks of the strict workout and diet, I couldn't control my cravings at night. I would binge on peanut butter (eating half a jar in a sitting). Immediately regretting it, I would throw it up.

The day of the show came, and I WON!

But at what cost?

I didn't have to control my cravings anymore, so I didn't. I binged on Candy, beer, burgers, pizza, you name it!

2 days later I was 30 pounds heavier.

My whole system was in total shock. Hormone imbalances, electrolyte imbalances, whole body edema. My body was holding onto water like CRAZY.

And my mindset was trashed. I was embarrassed by the me that I saw in the mirror and I didn't want anyone else to see me. I didn't want to set foot in a gym for a good long while.

I went ALL IN so much that I lost balance in my life. Relationships, mind, body, spirit, and career were all off.

And for what?

A plastic trophy and some notoriety?

Have you ever gone SO OVERBOARD on something in your life that you neglected the other things that are important?

Maybe your life is out of balance now. Maybe there are things and people you are neglecting.

We live in a society that doesn't value life balance as much as it should.

Physical, Spiritual, Relational, Mental and Emotional balance is the key to the Osteopathic Personal Training Model.

How much is your money really worth if you die of a heart attack by the time your fifty?

How devoted to your family can you be if you cannot provide for their basic needs?

How important are those 6 pack abs if your wife leaves you and your kids suffer through the divorce?

You see, balance is the key to happy life.

More that 70% of Americans are out of balance physically and we need to play "catch up" for a season.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

"Percent of adults aged 20 and over with overweight, including obesity: 73.6% (2017-2018)"

Let Unbroken Fitness Solutions help you find balance again. We understand the importance of being healthy and having balance in life (from first hand experience), and we've UNLOCKED THE SECRETS to achieving both.

Click the link below to book a complimentary fitness consultation to begin your journey today!

See you on the other side!

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