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Make the Time

As many of you know, I am a mother of two young children and the bonus mom to two high school aged kids as well as a business owner, a wife, a pet owner and the list goes on. We live busy life- styles and often, put ourselves last, taking care of the kids and house and work before we take care of ourselves. We all do this…but, I’d like you to think about something, if you don’t take care of your car by changing the oil and rotating the tires, what will eventually happen to your car? It will break down and you will have costly repairs that delay you from being able to do the things you need to do. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT! If you aren’t taking steps to keep your fitness up, to relax, to sleep, to eat right, you could break down and then what would happen to the work, the kids, your spouse? They’d be without a vital part of their life, which is YOU!

Like anybody else, I have days where I just can’t get my schedule together. I planned poorly so I didn’t meal prep and my diet was garbage as a result or I didn’t schedule my workout time and it was filled by something else. Then, the kids needed help with homework and the house was messy so I took care of that but then I was drained so to relax, I watched TV instead of getting to bed. This resulted in my being tired the following day and a repeat of the cycle. Sound familiar?

Taking care of yourself means recognizing that while, yes, you do have a lot of responsibility, you need to be physically able to handle that responsibility and that requires an intentional effort to ensure you are the best you can be. Allow yourself to be first for an hour a day, schedule a workout or an outdoor cardio activity and make sure you stick to it. Take an hour or two on Sunday to meal prep for the week so your diet is healthy and effortless allowing you to eat right and have time for family or a workout in the evening. And finally, be kind to yourself, if you have a day that goes sideways and you don’t get your workout in, learn from it and plan better tomorrow. Soon, new habits will form and taking care of your needs will become as much a part of the landscape as taking care of everybody and everything else.

If you need help setting those boundaries and scheduling your days, Unbroken Fitness Solutions is here to help, we understand what you go through to get everything done and will help to develop a program that is effective and fits your life. Reach out anytime with questions or to schedule a free consult at

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