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3 DAYS WITH NO FOOD!?! There is no better way to exercise self-discipline, restore gut health and even set yourself up for spiritual breakthrough.

Have you battled with demons throughout you life? Of course you have. We all have. Sometimes they manifest as anxiety, depression, rejection, fear, disqualification, guilt, shame, you name it. Sometimes we don't even know these demons exist until we are taken out of our comfort zone and put in a position that stretches us a bit.

The only way to face these demons is to recognize them and deal with them. But how do we deal with them if we don't even know they exist?

Fasting is a great way to expose our weaknesses so we can deal with them. I like to use the analogy of a water pipes in a house. When I was with my ex-wife, we owned a home in Southern California. The home was piped with plastic PEX pipe. All the homes in our track had problems. A pipe in the wall would burst and cause thousands of dollars in damage. We would file a claim with our insurance and get it fixed. Now that the weak point was stronger, the water pressure would expose the next weak point in the pipe. That point would break and we would start the process all over again. Finally our insurance dropped us until we spent the $10,000 to re-pipe the whole home with copper.

Your mind and spirit are the same as those pipes. When pressure becomes too much we break. Sometimes it's expensive to fix. What if you could expose those weaknesses and fix them before they became a problem? This is why I went through deliverance ministry through my church and why I fasted in preparation.

Below you will find 4 key points behind the physical, mental and spiritual power of fasting. Keep in mind your wellness is multi-dimensional.

  1. While the body is weak, the spirit is strong:

    1. Training the spirit is another aspect of wellness that is considered archaic in our culture today. The secular worlds inability to exercise this discipline that has been practices for millennia is one potential reason why we have a mental health crisis in the United States, with suicide, depression and anxiety affecting more people that ever.​

  2. Exercising Mental Discipline:

    1. While most gym goers exercise discipline over their body, many do not exercise discipline over their mind.​

    2. If you can abstain from eating for 5 days, you can accomplish anything.

    3. The ability to NOT eat tackles the overpowering control that people let food have in their lives. Most people fail in their fitness goals because of a poor relationship with food. Fasting is a way to break foods control over you.

  3. Burning excess sugar:

    1. One of the concepts behind intermittent fasting is to burn excess blood sugar that spikes our bodies insulin levels and creates fat storage usually in the liver and pancreas first. ​

    2. While fasting our bodies have an opportunity to burn through the abdominal fat that surrounds our liver, pancreas and other vital organs. This fat is known as visceral fat.

    3. When we carry excess visceral fat we hinder our bodies ability to function optimally. When our vital organs have strained function, we are inviting in chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and many more.

  4. Is fasting safe?

    1. Before our culture knew the modern advances of the commercial food industrial complex, fasting was a regular part of human life. ​

    2. The human body is incredibly versatile and will regulate the metabolism in conjunction to the stress placed upon it.


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