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We Need Community

We were created to be in community with each other. We thrive off of other people; our families and friends help us, motivate us and give us a reason to do the things we do. When I was a kid, my dad was a smoker that tried to quit countless times but always ended up coming back to his vice. One day, in all of my teenage wisdom and I’m sure with an air of wise ass, I informed him that I’d like him to be around for my wedding someday to walk me down the aisle and if he didn’t just quit, he’d probably die before then. I was about 15 years old so I would imagine the grace used in making this statement was lacking but he quit in that very moment and never picked up another cigarette. I was his reason, his motivation and had I not been, he probably wouldn’t be here.

We motivate each other to be better, push harder, give more, etc. We hold each other accountable. I am accountable to my kids to be a positive example of what a good person should be, helping others and striving to be better each day. I’m accountable to my husband to be a loving, genuine person and a dedicated business partner. I am accountable to my clients to make sure they are receiving top notch personalized training services.

There is a certain atmosphere in the gym that creates a motivational mood; it’s the competition of seeing the person next to you that is able to do something you’ve only dreamed of doing or that has a body you strive to achieve. The people around you in the gym can motivate you but something even more special happens when you have a real fitness community cheering for you and holding you accountable. At Unbroken Fitness Solutions, we offer daily classes that have become a great community for those that participate. The classes challenge every level of fitness and we get a great workout, but more importantly, we become friends. Our fitness friends cheer us on to keep going when we are ready to quit, they text and ask us why we didn’t make the workout that day, they make sure we are there next time.

We need each other, we are better with community. We all have fitness goals; what motivates you? If you are lacking that fitness community and could use some extra motivation, check out our class schedule online.

We have unlimited class packages and also offer drop-in rates for those with a fear of commitment. We’d love to have you join our fitness community. Check out our website or give us a call with any questions.

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