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Back Breaking Relationships

In my fitness journey, I was reaching about every goal. I was squatting two plates for reps. I was deadlifting more than I ever thought I was able to. Then it felt like out of nowhere, my back made me completely immobile. I ran through my head again and again what I did to pull my back. It would hurt to sit, stand, and walk. It hurt so bad, it was painful to breathe and laugh. When I went to the doctor I was moving so slow I had multiple people offer me a wheelchair. I was still reluctant to take it. Although it may have looked like I was being stubborn and prideful, it was because it hurt even more to try to sit down and get back up than to keep shuffling around the hospital.

The most frustrating part of it all was the person I thought would be there for me turned into a ghost. I asked that person to bring me some food really quickly and I got rejected. Apparently they were too busy to bring me food when they were right down the street. There was no, “How are you doing? What did the doctor say? Do you need me?” Strangers were taking better care of me.

So what was I to do? I still had to do the daily necessities of going to work, grocery shopping, the bathroom… my goodness..the difficulties, the agony.

I had more time on my hands. I kept replaying what I could have done to get injured this bad. I did not realize it then, but I genuinely think it was not a physical injury that brought me down. It was the relationship I was around most of the time.

This gave me time to think of how well this person actually fits into my life. I was able to evaluate the people in my life differently. I was able to notice the nuances that were really good for me and those that I needed to let go. The physical ailment forced me to work on self development and education. There was spiritual and mental healing I had to overcome along with the physical.

All the inner work I did. The amount of daily tasks I did on my own being as injured as I was gave me the confidence boost to stand up for what I deserve and let go of what no longer served me. I trusted myself more. I am grateful for the time I was with that person. I learned skills I apply to my life today. As they say, people are in your life for a time, reason, and a season. The back injury allowed me to work on what I was lacking within myself. After the healing and mental/spiritual growth I came back stronger than ever.

Here at Unbroken Fitness Solutions, we know there are more than physical aches and pains the body is responding to. The body remembers. The body reacts to the emotional pain we may have swept under

the rug. We are a community of builders physically and spiritually. Although we are working on your physical body, we care to work on the inner you. We want to see you stronger, happier, and confident on the inside, out.

Believe change can happen in your life. The transformation starts here. Book your free consultation online. Love the relationship you have with yourself as you build one with us.

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