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I want to ask you a question. Then, I want you to ponder it for about 30 seconds before continuing with this blog. Are you ready? Here it is:

What does a personal trainer do?

30 seconds starts NOW....

Some might say that a trainer is like a drill sergeant. They beat you up and yell at you and get you in the shape you want.

Others might say that a trainer is an educator who teaches people how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

There might be a few of you out there who think trainers are useless and cost way too much.

I would like to give you all a different perspective today.

Let’s take a journey of self awareness and really reflect on what scares us the most. What is the one thing that frightens you the most?

Debt is my one thing. My entire adult life I struggled with debt. I always paid my bills on time, but I always had what I felt was insurmountable debt. So what did I do? I ran away from it. I spent as little time as I could dealing with my finances because it felt like an obstacle that I would never overcome.

I finally swallowed my pride and divulged my financial situation to my, then, fiancé (now wife). I was so scared to reveal this deep dark secret because I was sure that she would think twice about our marriage. But I knew, from my previous marriage, that secrets don’t help anyone. I remember the anxiety from that day and how it wiped me out both mentally and physically. I felt defeated before I even began the fight. Those same feelings would rise up during every financial battle that ensued over the next year before I could get myself in a healthy place.

My amazing wife, who is no dummy when it comes to finances, helped me through the process. While I’m not totally out of the woods, I have an end date where I will be completely debt free by the end of 2021, and the prospect brings excitement instead of despair.

Debt was my bear. The Bear that I had to fight to take my life to the next level. My wife fought beside me in that fight and we defeated the bear together.

What is your bear? What are you avoiding out of fear?

My job as a trainer is to stand by your side and help you fight your bear as it relates to your health and wellness.

When you can overcome the thing you are most afraid of you’ll learn that you can do anything.

“Every clinician knows this. Pseudo-clinicians don’t. They’re the ones who set up safe spaces on campuses. There isn’t a clinician worth his or her salt who thinks that the way you make people braver is by protecting them. That is not how it works. The way you make people braver is by encouraging them to voluntarily expose themselves to the things they are afraid of… Confront the things you’re afraid of voluntarily.” -Dr. Jordan Peterson.

My job is to educate, motivate and push you just beyond your limit. Push too hard, a trainer can make a client quit. Too light (not challenging) a trainer can make a client quit. It is my responsibility to steward my clients goals well. I care SO MUCH that I will do whatever it takes for my client to see success. Because we are fighting that bear together. And beyond that bear is freedom.

Who knows how long that client has been avoiding that bear, running from it, a slave to it before coming to me. My bear haunted me for 18 years. It took me that long to swallow my pride and ask for help. Had my fiancé handled it differently, we might not be married today and I might be even worse off than I was. But she is my hero in this regard. God sent Annie to help me break free of the bondage money had over me.

I’m here to help you break free of the strongholds that are holding you back from living a life where you:

  1. Can move pain free.

  2. Can play with your kids or grandkids without getting tired.

  3. Can go on adventures you never thought possible because your body isn’t the thing holding you back.

  4. Can be a better lover to your spouse.

  5. Can unlock the version of yourself who’s not a prisoner to your out of shape body.

The more you fight your bear and lose, the more you adopt a losing mindset. That bear becomes bigger and bigger.

Let me help you fight the bear and win! We’ll kick that bear in his ass!

Book a free consultation today! CLICK THE LINK BELOW!

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